Can any photo be engraved and produced?

Yes, absolutely. Any photo or logo we are able to process. Though, it is highly recommended for the best results to have a high-quality ad high-resolution photo. You just need to upload the photo and that's it!

Can I use a black and white photo?

Yes, any photo or logo you can use. 

Can logos also be converted to 3D?

Yes, absolutely. It may be your company or team or any logo you may think of. We are able to process those into 3D crystals. 

What type of image files can I upload?

Our system has variety of options. These include -JPG, -JPEG, GIF, TIFF, BMP and PNG.

Will the background also appear in the crystal?

Normally, no. Only the people or animals or objects appear inside the crystal. The background is an addition and only upon request, it can be included.


What are the crystal sizes and shapes?

We offer crystals of shapes, rectangle, diamond, heart, prestige and keychains of heart and rectangle. The crystals are of small, medium and large sizes where as rectangle shape has additional sizes of XL and XXL. Keychains come in only one size but different shapes.

Are crystals easy to break?

Our crystals are high-quality crystals that are fragile. At a safe place to display, it should last quite a lot time.

Are bases a must to purchase?

Our LED bases are of high quality. It is not a must but it is highly recommended to purchase and display on top of bases to have better lightning and display of crystals. 

How do I get my 2D image engraved into a 3D image?

That is our job of trained designers that are working with the latest software and laser technology for image conversion.



What type of payments do you accept?

We accept major credit/debit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover as well as PayPal.


Do you keep my card information?

Absolutely not! The system processes one time and we do not have any means of seeing or registering your card information.

What are the shipping options?

There are two ways. Standard Shipping and Express Shipping. Standard Shipping takes 3 to 6 days to arrive where as Express can be 1 to 3 days depending on the reqest by the client.


Is international shipping possible?

Yes, please be aware that the shipping costs will not be the same with-in USA to Canda or anywhereo to Canada.


How do I know that you have received my order?

You will instantly receive a confirmation email right after your order. You can also email us at info@crystalphoto3d.com 

How long will it take to process my order?

Your order should be processed in a day and prepared, shipped and deliverd with-in a 3 to 7 day time-frame. In case of a faster delivery, please check the Express Shipping options.


What do I do when my crystal was dropped and broken?

Oops, that doesn't sound too good. In case of that, you can buy our insurance together with the crystal so we can re-make your crystal for 1 time for free where we charge you only the shipping costs.